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from itertools import repeat

from .abstract_io import (AbstractDxlIO, _DxlControl, _DxlAccess,
                          DxlTimeoutError, DxlCommunicationError)
from .. import conversion as conv
from ..protocol import v2 as v2

[docs]class Dxl320IO(AbstractDxlIO): _protocol = v2
[docs] def set_wheel_mode(self, ids): self.set_control_mode(dict(zip(ids, repeat('wheel'))))
[docs] def set_joint_mode(self, ids): self.set_control_mode(dict(zip(ids, repeat('joint'))))
[docs] def get_goal_position_speed_load(self, ids): a = self._get_goal_pos_speed(ids) b = self.get_torque_limit(ids) return zip(*zip(*a) + [b])
[docs] def set_goal_position_speed_load(self, value_for_ids): values = zip(*value_for_ids.values()) self._set_goal_pos_speed(dict(zip(value_for_ids.keys(), zip(*(values[0], values[1]))))) self.set_torque_limit(dict(zip(value_for_ids.keys(), values[2])))
[docs] def factory_reset(self, ids, except_ids=False, except_baudrate_and_ids=False): """ Reset all motors on the bus to their factory default settings. """ mode = (0x02 if except_baudrate_and_ids else 0x01 if except_ids else 0xFF) for id in ids: try: self._send_packet(self._protocol.DxlResetPacket(id, mode)) except (DxlTimeoutError, DxlCommunicationError): pass
# TODO: # * error # MARK: - Generate the accessors controls = { # EEPROM 'model': { 'address': 0x00, 'access': _DxlAccess.readonly, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_model }, 'firmware': { 'address': 0x02, 'length': 1, 'access': _DxlAccess.readonly }, 'id': { 'address': 0x03, 'length': 1, 'access': _DxlAccess.writeonly, 'setter_name': 'change_id' }, 'baudrate': { 'address': 0x04, 'length': 1, 'access': _DxlAccess.writeonly, 'setter_name': 'change_baudrate', 'si_to_dxl': conv.baudrate_to_dxl }, 'return delay time': { 'address': 0x05, 'length': 1, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_rdt, 'si_to_dxl': conv.rdt_to_dxl }, 'angle limit': { 'address': 0x06, 'nb_elem': 2, 'dxl_to_si': lambda value, model: (conv.dxl_to_degree(value[0], model), conv.dxl_to_degree(value[1], model)), 'si_to_dxl': lambda value, model: (conv.degree_to_dxl(value[0], model), conv.degree_to_dxl(value[1], model)) }, 'control mode': { 'address': 0x0B, 'length': 1, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_control_mode, 'si_to_dxl': conv.control_mode_to_dxl, }, 'highest temperature limit': { 'address': 0x0C, 'length': 1, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_temperature, 'si_to_dxl': conv.temperature_to_dxl }, 'voltage limit': { 'address': 0x0D, 'length': 1, 'nb_elem': 2, 'dxl_to_si': lambda value, model: (conv.dxl_to_voltage(value[0], model), conv.dxl_to_voltage(value[1], model)), 'si_to_dxl': lambda value, model: (conv.voltage_to_dxl(value[0], model), conv.voltage_to_dxl(value[1], model)) }, 'max torque': { 'address': 0x0F, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_torque, 'si_to_dxl': conv.torque_to_dxl }, 'status return level': { 'address': 0x11, 'length': 1, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_status, 'si_to_dxl': conv.status_to_dxl }, 'alarm shutdown': { 'address': 0x12, 'length': 1, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_alarm, 'si_to_dxl': conv.alarm_to_dxl }, # RAM 'torque_enable': { 'address': 0x18, 'length': 1, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_bool, 'si_to_dxl': conv.bool_to_dxl, 'getter_name': 'is_torque_enabled', 'setter_name': '_set_torque_enable' }, 'LED': { 'address': 0x19, 'length': 1, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_bool, 'si_to_dxl': conv.bool_to_dxl, 'setter_name': '_set_LED', 'getter_name': 'is_led_on' }, 'LED color': { 'address': 0x19, 'length': 1, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_led_color, 'si_to_dxl': conv.led_color_to_dxl, }, 'pid gain': { 'address': 0x1B, 'length': 1, 'nb_elem': 3, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_pid, 'si_to_dxl': conv.pid_to_dxl }, 'goal position': { 'address': 0x1E, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_degree, 'si_to_dxl': conv.degree_to_dxl }, 'moving speed': { 'address': 0x20, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_speed, 'si_to_dxl': conv.speed_to_dxl }, 'torque limit': { 'address': 0x23, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_torque, 'si_to_dxl': conv.torque_to_dxl }, 'goal position speed': { 'address': 0x1E, 'nb_elem': 2, 'dxl_to_si': lambda value, model: (conv.dxl_to_degree(value[0], model), conv.dxl_to_speed(value[1], model)), 'si_to_dxl': lambda value, model: (conv.degree_to_dxl(value[0], model), conv.speed_to_dxl(value[1], model)), 'getter_name': '_get_goal_pos_speed', 'setter_name': '_set_goal_pos_speed' }, 'present position': { 'address': 0x25, 'access': _DxlAccess.readonly, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_degree }, 'present speed': { 'address': 0x27, 'access': _DxlAccess.readonly, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_speed }, 'present load': { 'address': 0x29, 'access': _DxlAccess.readonly, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_load }, 'present position speed load': { 'address': 0x25, 'nb_elem': 3, 'access': _DxlAccess.readonly, 'dxl_to_si': lambda value, model: (conv.dxl_to_degree(value[0], model), conv.dxl_to_speed(value[1], model), conv.dxl_to_load(value[2], model)) }, 'present voltage': { 'address': 0x2D, 'length': 1, 'access': _DxlAccess.readonly, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_voltage }, 'present temperature': { 'address': 0x2E, 'length': 1, 'access': _DxlAccess.readonly, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_temperature }, 'moving': { 'address': 0x31, 'length': 1, 'access': _DxlAccess.readonly, 'dxl_to_si': conv.dxl_to_bool, 'getter_name': 'is_moving' } } def _add_control(name, address, length=2, nb_elem=1, access=_DxlAccess.readwrite, models=['XL-320', ], dxl_to_si=lambda val, model: val, si_to_dxl=lambda val, model: val, getter_name=None, setter_name=None): control = _DxlControl(name, address, length, nb_elem, access, models, dxl_to_si, si_to_dxl, getter_name, setter_name) Dxl320IO._generate_accessors(control) for name, args in controls.items(): _add_control(name, **args)