Source code for pypot.robot.remote

import zerorpc

[docs]class RemoteRobotClient(object): """ Remote Access to a Robot through the REST API. This RemoteRobot gives you access to motors and alias. For each motor you can read/write all of their registers. You also have access to primitives. More specifically you can start/stop them. """ def __init__(self, host, port): client = zerorpc.Client() client.connect('tcp://{}:{}'.format(host, port)) self.motors = [] for name in client.get_motors_list(): class Register(object): def __init__(self, motorname, regname): self.motorname = motorname self.regname = regname def __get__(self, instance, owner): return client.get_register_value(self.motorname, self.regname) def __set__(self, instance, value): client.set_register_value(self.motorname, self.regname, value) class Motor(object): def __repr__(self): return ('<Motor name={} ' 'id={} ' 'pos={self.present_position}>').format(self=self) for reg in client.get_registers_list(name): setattr(Motor, reg.decode(), Register(name, reg)) m = Motor() setattr(self,, m) self.motors.append(m) for alias in client.get_motors_alias(): motors = [getattr(self, name) for name in client.get_motors_list(alias)] setattr(self, alias, motors) class Primitive(object): def __init__(self, name): = name def start(self): client.start_primitive( def stop(self): client.stop_primitive( self.primitives = [] for p in client.get_primitives_list(): prim = Primitive(p) setattr(self, p.decode(), prim) self.primitives.append(prim)
[docs]def from_remote(host, port): """ Remote access to a Robot through the REST API. """ return RemoteRobotClient(host, port)