Herborist: the configuration toolΒΆ

Herborist is a graphical tool that helps you detect and configure motors before using them in your robot.


Herborist is entirely written in Python but requires PyQt4 to run.

More precisely, Herborist can be used to:

  • Find and identify available serial ports
  • Scan multiple baud rates to find all connected motors
  • Modify the EEPROM configuration (of single or multiple motors)
  • Make motors move (e.g. to test the angle limits).

You can directly launch herborist by running the herborist command in your terminal.


When you install pypot with the setup.py, herborist is automatically added to your $PATH. You can call it from anywhere thanks to the command:


You can always find the script in the folder $(PYPOT_SRC)/pypot/tools/herborist.



Herborist is not actively maintained and will hopefully be replaced by a better solution. So its stability is somewhat questionable.